What is Crystal Healing

It is vital to understand the nature of energy and its flow. Everything in this Universe is energy. We are energy. We are strong and harmonious then weak at other times.  Our physical and mental health is  dependent on what we are going through at any particular time. When we have troubles we naturally incur imbalances in our energy lines.  This is when we need Chakra balancing. If left unattended and ignored the bigger the problem gets and the negative energies become denser. Trauma, shocks and stress affect our energy flows and then illness inevitably follows.

Crystal healing has the ability to restore balance to the physical and spiritual bodies by restoring light and energy to the Chakra and energy field. This is due to the fact that the vibrations of certain crystals will match the vibrations given by the individual. They exaggerate the healing process. They cleanse the aura and enable dense energy to release.  


The Holistic concept of healing which underlies any form of Complementary Therapy is that Mind, Body and Spirit are interconnected. In older civilisations it was accepted that we are all part of an Universal energy which led to a healthy respect for nature. The physical and spiritual are inseparable. Crystal Healing helps us to understand the way in which energy vibrates and flows. The energy we are has a frequency. It can deplete. We can alter this by using a variety of methods.   Crystals assist with the removal of blockages within your energy flow enabling you to attain balance between your mind, body and spirit and consequently better health. 

About Us

Welcome and Blessings to our website. 

My personal journey with crystals started in 1997 when I obtained a Diploma in Aromatherapy followed by a Diploma in Massage and then qualifications in Sport and Remedial Massage. My varied client base showed me how individual client auras were out of sync which led me to my love of using crystals and essential oils within my massage techniques.  I have qualifications in Crystal Healing and Crystal Magic and 20 years experience. I'm asked if I think crystals work with us... i know they do.  They have helped my clients and myself many times and i love working with them, they have their own personalities.   

The services and items we offer are personalised to you.  We don't mass produce and personally cleanse all the crystals before using or selling. The crystals are hand picked for YOU.  This for us is a passion.