Blessings Crystal

Blessings crystal

This is probably one of the most important crystals you can have.  

This can also be found in the MitchiePoochie spellbag section with other magical items as a package

This crystal is to be kept in your pocket and brought out at night.  During the day it is to be touched and when touched it will remind you of your blessings. When touching the crystal remember the gifts you have in life and be grateful. In order to receive from the Universe we have to send out thanks for what we have.

Your personal crystal

Email me giving me a brief synopsis of your personality. The energies I receive from this will enable me to choose a crystal for especially for you.  

Costs start from £2.00

When life gets tough its very easy to lose track of whats good.  Its very easy to get dragged down and lose sight of beauty. We all have good things in our lives - our health, sight, hearing,  the beauty of  nature, our family, our friends, the taste of good food, the freshness of cool water, the sound of rain, the smell of cut grass or flowers,  the warmth of a flame.  If we acknowledge the blessings of these gifts from the Universe then more will follow. 

Not all the above will apply to you but there are little miracles around.  The circle of life is ours to do with what we will.