Chakra Healing Session

Healing - doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

A Chakra healing treatment varies on the individual's needs. 

It can be non invasive and is a complimentary therapy.  Individual crystals are used to assist in the treating blockages held within the energy centres. 

Treatment - Crystals are placed on the Chakra areas to boost our own body to heal bringing better health and well being. 

Crystal healing has roots and traditions that go back over five thousand years. 

Healing with crystals

Crystals act as amplifiers of energy.  They are natural healers.

Different crystals have different energies that focus on your individual problem.  They work specifically with your body as they choose you. 


£25.00 per session.  Each session is variable but 30 - 45 minutes is the average.