Crystals for your Corner

Everyone needs a crystal corner in their home....

Salt candle holders crystal candle holders, incense, burning of essential oils, variety of crystals to suit and a happy photograph. We all need a corner of comfort and de stress.

Soothing light

Light your candle and relax

Your crystal friends

Hold them, breathe deeply and feel their qualities seep into your being. 

Meditation crystals

Palm stones and crystal points.  Hold the palm stones and feel them heat up when their energies work. 

Use a quartz point in one hand and another in the other hand pointing in a circular direction.  Imagine a white light surrounding you infusing you with calmness and peace. 

Crystal Balls

Enable energies to flow out in a multi directional flow.  Look into them and see their rainbows.

Bathroom Corners

Himalayan bath salts and essential oils... say no more.  Personalised prescription for your skin requirements.

As with everything - any oils must be used with care. If you are sensitive to them please let me know and we can adapt.