Jasper comes in many colours.  The colours work with individual Chakras.  Jasper is a nurturer supporting the wearer or holder in times of stress.  It unifies all aspects of your life. It brings courage to address problems. It also prolongs sexual pleasure supporting the sexual organs. 


Blue Jasper stimulates the throat Chakra and connects to the spiritual world.

Brown Jasper will negate bad energy. It clears toxins and geopathic stress.  Hugely beneficial when a large piece is placed in a room to absorb negative energies.  

Green Jasper resonates with the heart Chakra and is an emotional stress reliever.

Red Jasper grounds you and rectifies bad situations.  It helps give insight to difficult situations and is good for liver problems. 

Yellow Jasper channels positive energy and works with the solar plexus Chakra. 

Black Jasper brings dreams and visions.

Jasper come in tumble stones and cost £2.00 each